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PatAging Patient Aging Reports
Most offices spend little or no time working patient responsible aging other than printing patient statements.  We have designed a system that allows the computer to perform 90% of the required analysis automatically each month.  Thus allowing office managers to manage patient aging seperatly from insurance aging.  Using this system you can reduce the amount of statements you send patients, quickly determine non responsive accounts and manage payment plan accounts.

  • Seperates patient responsible balances from insurance responsible balances for accurate review.
  • Correctly ages each patient transaction from the date they became responsible.  
    (Not by statement date or date of service)
  • Allows office managers access to accurate patient aging totals helpful in determining progress on reducing patient AR.
  • Shows each patients total account balance and patient remainder balance to aid in past due review

Uses and Benefits

  • Great to assist your office with additional analysis of monthly patient statements.
  • Shows all pertinent information about a patients outstanding account to aid in review.
  • Allows for aging reports to be reviewed by the patients(transaction) correct aging date.
  • Includes a compact summary report for easy review of patient reponsible accounts.
  • The summary report allows for easy review of recent patient payments for a specific billing code.
  • Shows transaction & statement notes useful for verifying that patient statements will print with the correct details.
  • Allows office staff to make sure all patient case billing information is correct straight from the report.
  • Shows enough information to allow for patient contact and account discussion.
  • Option to exclude or include patient credit balances bases on office procedures.

Preview Easy View Patient Ledger Patient Responsible Aging Summary Report
Preview Easy View Patient Ledger Patient Responsible Aging Detail Report
Preview Easy View Patient Ledger Patient Responsible Aging Detail Report with Transaction Notes

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